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Our Story

The first meeting held to set up the Richmond Valley Woodcrafters Club Inc. was held in February 2007 with 16 members joining the club. The club approached the HWNS and was given access to the old Dairy as a temporary workshop. Members contributed lots of time towards the renovation of both the dairy and the historic Watt Cottage. The club received donations of money, equipment, tools and timber from club members as well as many community members.

During 2008 – 10 the club held 3 major raffles and a monster garage sale to raise funds for the construction of our workshop. Members donated 12 timber prizes for each raffle and included a wide range of high quality items such as, a rocking chair, a rocking horse, coffee/hall tables, bandsaw boxes, intarsia works, turned bowls and vases. Members sold tickets individually and at shopping centres in Alstonville, Lismore, Ballina and Casino and raised over $18,000 in total. The garage sale was certainly a monster and we raised over $11,000. These funds made it possible for the club to continue with the construction of the workshop until some of the grant funding became available.

Construction of our workshop commenced in June 2009 with the concrete slab, the steel frame and the roof installed by contractors. The construction of the wall frames; the installation of the windows and external sheeting completed by club members and by November the workshop was up to lock up stage. The internal electrical wiring installed; the internal wall sheeting; the 160 m underground 3 phase power lines were laid from the meter box on the eastern side of the water park to the workshop; internal and external wall painting; fixing wall and ceiling sheeting in the kitchen and bathroom plus the tiling and painting; the guttering and storm water installed and connected to the HWNS main storage tank; all by club members. Several tasks including the kitchen cupboards, bathroom floor seal, the cornices/joints in the kitchen and bathroom, installation of the meter board and power connection and roof painting were completed by contractors. The workshop was officially opened by Mr. Don Page the Member for Ballina, on 23rd May 2010.

During 2010 a group of club members undertook a major project to construct a large extension to the Gift Shop. This extension almost doubled the floor space available for displays. The construction of the club’s timber store was commenced in October and completed in December 2010; the front entry-display area was completed in January 2011, the back veranda including the dust extraction enclosure was completed by April 2011. The ducting for the dust extraction system was installed by early July 2011 in time for the celebration to mark the completion of construction of the workshop held on the 28th July 2011. Mr. Don Page again joined us in the workshop to officially mark the occasion.

Early in 2014 a major part of the front verandah was enclosed to create a multipurpose area that is used for Club Meetings, for morning tea and lunch on most days and to house part of the Club’s Library. The Club’s new website was completed and uploaded for members to access on the 26th August 2014. This project took nearly 2 years work which included designing, developing and improving the site.

Work commenced in September 2015 to upgrade the entrance/display area of the workshop. The floor, walls and ceiling were painted, the corrugated iron was replaced with clear finished plywood and two new display cabinets constructed and installed. The work was completed by mid February 2016.

The club has received a great deal of support from other organizations, local businesses and community members during the construction of the workshop. In excess of 4,000 hours of volunteer labour has also been contributed to the construction of the workshop by about 50 members. Without their dedication and determination the workshop would not exist as it does today.

Honour Board

Year                   President                Vice President               Secretary                      Treasurer

2007-08             J. Edwards              T. Love                          J. Gilmour                     J. Gilmour

2008-09             L. Roberts               T. Love                          J. Gilmour                     J. Gilmour

2009-10             L. Roberts               T. Love                          G. Bourman                  J. Gilmour

2010-11            G. Bourman             R. Sheldrick                   A. Jackson                    C. Andrews

2011-12            G. Bourman             R. Sheldrick                   A. Jackson                    C. Andrews

2012-13            R. Sheldrick             K. Alcock                       A. Jackson                     C. Andrews

2013-14            R. Sheldrick              I. Thomson                   I. Pickford                       C. Andrews

2014-15            R. Sheldrick              I. Thomson                   I. Pickford                       P. Consalvo

2015-16             I. Thomson              P. McQuhae                  I. Pickford                       P. Consalvo

Life Members

Name                 Date Elected        Details

Jim Edwards      20th July 2008         Foundation President 2007-08

Public Officer 2007-08

Trevor Love        23rd Jan 2011         Foundation Vice President 2007-10

Workshop manager 2007-09

Workshop construction manager 2008-09

Gift Shop extension manager 2010

John Gilmour     17th July 2011         Foundation Secretary/Treasurer 2007-09;

Treasurer 2009-10

Public Officer 2008-16

Fundraising co-ordinator 2008-10

Col Andrews     21st July 2013         Treasurer 2010-14

Workshop manager 2009-12

Workshop construction manager 2009-14

Weekly Activities co-ordinator 2009-10

 OH & S co-ordinator 2012-14

 Website administrator 2012-16